Real Estate Development, Comprehensive Plans, Resort Properties, Water Front real estate, and Land Partnerships

Banks National is a private real estate developer with a global network of investors, builders, architects, real estate professionals, and civil engineers. Since 1994, our team has been purchasing, consulting, and developing resort properties, RV parks, camp grounds, gated communities, marinas, and water front real estate. Our mission is health, wealth, and happiness.

Banks National solves difficult challenges and helps maximize real estate profits. We also offer investors, clients and members lucrative opportunities, lifestyle options, and access to luxury vacation properties.

Banks National solves difficult environmental conditions, energy shortages, and has a long track record of successfully developing challenging properties. Our organization partners with governments, developers, land owners, builders, and buyers. Our consulting division welcomes unusual environmental and geographical situations such as river front properties, islands, mountain properties, desert development, water issues, energy shortages, and historical properties. Our modern and innovative concepts will develop stable and prosperous communities, increase real estate values, improve the environment, and reduce traffic congestion.

Our previous real estate development projects include hotel condo conversions, camp ground development, rural villages, TIC agreements, fractional ownership agreements, and resort communities that have a diverse range of amenities and services. We are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and energy green resort communities. We specialize in water front properties, golf courses, resort properties, hotels with over two hundred rooms, luxury condominium/apartment towers, tiny houses, log cabins, and lake side villas.

Our planned communities incorporate luxury housing, a full service spa, fitness facilities, recreation, education, shopping, dining, and community services in one self-contained development. Our resort community amenities support a high quality of life and a design that is sensitive to the surrounding natural and cultural environment. Our designs maximize the preservation of open space and natural resources while discouraging an undue reliance on the automobile. In addition, we will work hard to mitigate environmental impacts. The members and residence who live or play in our community have opportunities to also lease commercial space, open small businesses, work or telecommute in the community.


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